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Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins by Custom Lapel Pins

Before going in detail about the company, first of all one phrase about die struck lapel pin is that Die struck pins are studies in elegance. The sober simplicity in design is what makes these die struck lapel pins stand out most. Die struck lapel pin can be the one of the most eye catching of any lapel pin. Our company uses the best possible techniques and level of metal textures and detailing to translate your custom design or logo into an opulent piece of jewelry. Die struck lapel pins are favorite of universities, banks, law firms, fraternities, armies and government offices, we are limited to this design and style it gives. In the recessed areas, die struck lapel pins are available with sand blasting. This makes a lovely contrast and lovely matte finish. In short we can say that die struck lapel pins are the best ways to give depth to your design and highlight the fine details and nothing can beat the die struck lapel pin for pure simplicity and understated the elegance. Die struck process needs the copper or brass base metal chosen for its softness to achieve the high quality stamping.

Our company offers the different platting choices by with the help of which you can make your design truly fantastic. Add a consecutive numbering, synthetic stone, or any of our packaging options to generate the perfect gift, anniversary or recognition pins.

Best Uses of Die Struck lapel Pins:

Die struck lapel pins are best used as anniversaries pins, corporate logos, service pins and recognition pins

Key Features of Die Struck Lapel Pins:

Embossed look and feel and no enamel colors, No enamel colors and usually made with high quality raised polish and with recessed texture at background.

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins

How we make die struck lapel pins for you?

We  start this process by making first the die with your company design or any design assigned by you and after this die is used to strike your design in a copper or brass base metal. The purpose of using the brass or copper base is that soft properties of these metals allow for sharp and detailed stamping. After the completion of this initial process, we use a trim tool to cut out the shape of your lapel pin. If we are called for in your design we hand sand blast the die struck lapel pin to make the sandblast or textured background. The raised exterior is then polished to give it a mirror like look and on the other hand back ground of the die struck lapel pins remain textured. This gives a die struck lapel pins a different appearance. At the end, your own choice attachment is applied to die struck lapel pin and then it is sent to service and quality check department.

This is what we offer to our customer. We offer the best quality to our customer. We do not compromise on the time, quality and standard of our services. That’s the reason we stand ad the most popular company in the market. We are available 24/7 just to offer you the best services. Please feel free to contact us.