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Offset Printed Lapel Pin

Offset Printed Lapel Pin

Offset Printed Lapel Pin

Offset printed lapel pins offer great flexibility in style and design. By using the photographic techniques and light sensitive chemicals, we, very carefully transfer the images and type from the digital graphics to printing plates. Offset printing method can brilliantly create the traditional style lapel pin what can not be accomplished with traditional methods of manufacturing the lapel pins. We have been offering these offset printed lapel pins for more than ten years. All of our years are years of excellence. We do not compromise on the quality of services and our standard is the same since the time when we manufactured our first offset printed lapel pin. That’s the reason we have been the best service provider. We also got award of best services in 2008. All of our services are delivered timely; we know that any delay in time can be very harmful for the reputation.

Offset printed technique offers full text with full colors and is perfect for fine lines. With this technique, images are directly imposed on the metal giving an exact copy of your image or design. The use of offset printing is best when there is to transferring of gradients, shadows and images. After transferring, epoxy layer is injected to protect it.

Some Features and Advantages of Offset lapel Pins

  • Offset printing gives you the exact replica of your image or company logo on lapel pin.
  • Offset printed lapel pins have medium to high perceived value.
  • Offset printed lapel pins can be made into custom shapes and designs.
  • Available with epoxy shield with no more extra charge.
  • Highly durable

Why offset printed lapel pins are so popular?

  • Offset printed lapel pins are an excellent choice for designs and photographs that show gradual color changes and color shifts.
  • With us, your artwork will be saved at 300 Dpi or more and digitally recreate your design and layer it onto the metal lapel pin.
  • Individually poly bagged.
  • Smooth finish with the metal highly polished metal edge.

Color Choices for offset printed lapel pins:

  • Black nickel
  • Polished copper
  • Highly polished platinum
  • Highly polished gold metal
  • Highly polished silver metal

Distance doesn’t matter wherever you are; you will get delivered your order with in specified time. We have the services of UPS and Fedex with air way shipping facilities, so there doesn’t remain the concept of the any delay in order. Quality is our aim, around that our services revolve.

Our professional team safeguards the interests of our customers in any way. Our company controls all the processes, from raw material to finishing of offset printed lapel pin that’s why our prices are very reasonable and cheap as compare to other companies. We have number of remarkable companies working with us as a partner companies for last number of years.

You can also be a part of our company by just through visit our site and then call us. We will respond to your query with in the matter of minutes. So feel free to contact us we will safeguard your interest.